Thursday, May 27, 2010

She's Awake!

They came in this morning and removed most of her major lines leaving only her chest tube behind for drainage. They expect to remove that either tomorrow or over the weekend depending on how much fluid she's putting out.

They took her off some of the sedating drugs so she was awake for a bit and totally lucid. Thankfully, she's the same old Abby telling the nurse all about our cat and her current favorite book, "Goodnight Gorilla". She really wanted to sit on Daddy's lap which was fine with the nurse, but once there decided the bed really was the better bet and promptly fell back asleep.

So far all the doctors and nurses say she's looking great and recovering nicely. What a huge relief. Keep up the prayers that no hurdles appear and we can make it home soon.


Anonymous said...

Awesome news! So happy to hear that Abby is doing great!
Love from the Malles family

Robin M. said...

I love Goodnight Gorilla too. Congratulations on another milestone.

Robin M.
(friend of Grandma Jane)

MommyMoves said...

We are so happy she is doing well. I have been thinking of you. Love to you all! Lori, Mike, Jake and Chase