Friday, May 28, 2010

A Rough Night

Bryan (being the saint that he is) sent me to sleep at the hotel last night while he stayed in Abby's room for what turned out to be a pretty rough night. Abby hasn't had any solid food since the night before surgery and has been sipping on water and some shake like the one she drinks at home. Last night her tummy decided it had enough and she spend a lot of the night throwing up. I can only imagine how painful that must be after having open heart surgery!

The nurse seems to think it's probably a combo of the narcotics and needing to get up and move around so her bodily functions can get moving and back to normal. Despite how yucky she feels she's still chatting and watching TV while relaxing in bed and she didn't cry at all for her last blood draw.

They're talking about moving us out of cardiac ICU today and down to to regular cardiac unit. That means we're one step closer to home and she'll be able to get out of bed for wagon rides and playroom time.

I'm pretty sure Anna's having fun with my parents. My mom called last night to ask where the closest place to get ice cream was. We're hoping to have Anna come for a visit as soon as Abby's (nasty looking) chest tube is removed.

So for now we're going to try to get Abby to keep something down and stay mellow. We've got plenty of Max and Ruby DVDs :)

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Hope's Blog said...

I will pray she can keep her food down today. The move to step-down is always mixed for step closer to home, but a lot less nurse support. Have fun with Max and Ruby!