Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Everything is still looking pretty good. She somehow managed to get some very minor abrasions on her eye while she was in surgery so we had an Optomology consult, but it's no big deal. Other than that they are just monitoring her fluid output to watch for fluid build up around her lungs. Dr. Spray said that is very common and the amount of fluid she has will detirmine howlong we end up staying.
Abby has started waking up here and there, but they are trying to keep her as mellow as possible for the night until some of her more major leads come out. She is on some morphine and the nurse tonight told us to expect her to have a "bear of a morning" but that kids generally get back to feeling like themselves by tomorrow night. When she does get lucid, she's not too pleased with us but was very happy to have her bears and her blankie with her. We're so proud of how well she's doing!


Anonymous said...

Abby is a champ- she's way tougher than a 3 year old should be. Glad she is doing well. We've been thinking about you all day, thanks for the updates here and on FB.

Steve and Aim, Matty, Chris and Jessie

Yorgasons said...

Oh, I am so happy! I have been praying for her all day! I will continue to do so! She is so amazing!! I hope you guys are doing well too!

Candace Vitelli said...

Thinking of all of you!!! All my love & prayers XoXoXo

Sandie said...

Thanks for the link, Ali. So glad to hear things went well. Wishing Abby a quick recovery.