Friday, April 16, 2010

Latest Check Up is Good!

Abby just had a great check up with her cardiologist and we are on schedule to have her 3rd and final surgery, The Fontan Procedure, sometime in June. It is bittersweet to have reached this stage, even though we have known all along that Abby must have all 3 procedures to complete her heart repair that began the day she was born. It will be difficult to hand her over again for another surgery, but the fact that we made it this far is indeed a miracle in itself.
Abby is really doing well. Playing outside in the snow all winter with her older sister Anna, going to nursery school 2 days a week, riding her 'big girl bike' that her Uncle got her for her 3rd birthday, and overall having a blast and cracking herself and us up, everyday.
We are also very excited for our 2nd trip to Disney World next month. We all had a wonderful time last year and look forward to a great week of fun and Disney magic again this time around. This will be a great pre-operation family trip to celebrate just how far Abby and all of us have come in the last 3 and a half years. A great opportunity for all of us to have fun together before we hunker down again for the Summer and the post-surgery recovery period.
We ask that when you think of Abby or wonder how she is doing, that you send out happy, positive, healthy and healing thoughts, words, prayers and intentions. We firmly believe that the collective power of all your positive thoughts have tremendous ability to produce amazing results. Thanks for keeping up with Abby and stay tuned for further updates as we get closer to her surgery date sometime in June.

Abby and Anna's lucky Dad,

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The Curtis Family said...

Oh, I feel for you. Just because it's the 3rd does not make it any easier. In fact, in different ways, I think it is even harder. It truly is amazing though the difference that you will see in Abby after the surgery. Ethan was like a new little man. My thoughts will be with you on this journey.