Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We Have a Date

CHOP scheduling called and told us that Abby is all scheduled to have her next (and hopefully last) surgery on May 26th. Two weeks from today. A little sooner than we had planned.

We go in next Thursday for all her pre-op testing and will get more details then about how everything will go. We are expecting her recovery to be similar to the last surgery, so hopefully just about a week at CHOP.

Part of me is relieved. This surgery has been hanging over us for the past few years. Abby is doing so well it's easy to pretend she's just like every other kid, but then I remember that she still has another surgery so it will be such a relief to be on the other side of this.

The other part of me is terrified. This surgery is going to be so different than the last two. She'll be able to talk and tell me she's in pain or scared. One of us will need to be with her around the clock, and Anna is so much more aware of what's going on. She'll have to be included in the process this time around. I'm hoping the wonderful people in the CHOP Child Life department will be able to help me figure out what to tell Anna and how to answer her questions.

Please keep Abby in your prayers in the coming weeks. We're really hoping she rocks this surgery just like she did the other two and we can get home and enjoy our summer with no more surgeries planned for the future. Completing her 3-stage repair will be a real milestone for all of us.

On a a happy note, to celebrate Abby and spend some time together as a family before surgery, we just got back from 7 days in Disney World. It was magical!


Bethany said...

We will be praying for yall! I know Abby is going to do great. We'll be anxious to hear updates throughout the next few weeks!
Bethany (Emma Kate's mom)

Anonymous said...

You are all always in my prayers.

Thanks for the update and God Bless!


Annemarie said...

Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery for Abby. Thinking of you.