Monday, December 21, 2009

Abby turned 3 yesterday

Just a quick post to mark Abigail's 3rd birthday. We had a big old fashioned Nor'easter snow storm that left us here in the Lehigh Valley with 6 inches or so. Our friends and family in central NJ got hit with upwards of 2 feet.
Abby was able to return to school today with cup cakes in tow for her 3rd birthday party. She has been home for 2 months as a preventative measure against H1N1 flu virus that has wreaked havoc with many people this year, especially children with single ventricle heart defects like Abby. That has proven to be a wise decision thus far.

We are fast approaching her 3rd procedure the "Fontan" which will complete her surgery repair that began 3 years ago to the day. My little girl is the probably the coolest and happiest person I have ever met. I'm proud to be her dad.
Please keep Abby in your thoughts during the New Year as we gear up for the spring surgery.

Happy Birthday to Abby

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