Saturday, June 23, 2007

No More Oxygen

For now they have removed Abby's supplemental oxygen. This is the first time since March she has been without it. Her numbers are still dipping low on occasion, but mostly she is in the range they would like to see her in.
Abby is feeding well, alert, and playing. For the most part she is off all heavy narcotics and just taking Tylenol for her pain. She has one IV line left (in her foot) but with all her active happy kicking they might take it out soon, and then she will just be on the heart monitor with no other wires.
She is on the step-down unit and sharing a room with an extremely colicky 10 day old that screams non-stop. I don't know how she's getting any rest. We have requested to change rooms, but nothing has opened up so far.
I expect they will keep Abby over the weekend. Hopefully we'll be home by Monday or Tuesday.
The weekends are pretty crowded with visitors at CHOP, so it's been hard to get a computer to post an update!

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