Friday, June 22, 2007

Back to Her Old Self

Abby is doing great! We had a couple rough patches yesterday where she had some serious headache pain which they managed with morphine, but for the most part, she is back to her old self. The nurses love her, and she's starting to smile more and kick her feet around like always. We got to hold her to feed her last night and she ate great!
The nurses said she slept great but was up once in the night. They were nice enough not to feed her since they know she sleeps through the night at home, they didn't want to start any bad habits. I am thankful for that!
The doctor said this morning that we should be moving over to the step-down unit today! Yay! This means a private room, less wires, and that we are one step closer to going home.
Abby's lung on one side is still a bit collapsed (totally normal after surgery and laying around) so they are doing some physical therapy to try to stimulate her to take deeper breaths to open it up. They are hoping that will up her oxygen levels so they can see how she does without the supplemental oxygen. We are really hoping to go home without it.
Also, her rhythm is looking good so they are talking about taking her off her medication, which means no more 3am meds for her! We'll see...
Anna spent yesterday afternoon with 3 of her grandparents, running around the yard in her bathing suit and stuffing her face full of blueberries. Pure toddler heaven.
Abby is doing great, visitors are welcome anytime, and we are doing well. Love to you all.


Mom to Toes said...


I jumped on hoping for an update.

*Uh-hem...since I didn't find one elsewhere* ;)

I am SO glad to hear how well she is doing. You and Bryan have been so strong through all of this.

I love the story about Anna running around the backyard in her bathing suit eating blueberries. I hope the GParents took pictures!


Kara McCarty said...

Alison- I am SO glad to hear that Abby is doing so well! I have been thinking of you guys and keeping Miss Abby in my prayers all week. Stay well.

Kristi said...

YAY! I'm so glad she is recovering quickly.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear the great news!

Ann said...

I'm so happy to read about little Abby recovering so well. I'd been following along and thinking and praying for you guys.

AnnZ (from Chocolate O)