Sunday, June 24, 2007

Going Home Soon

They are starting to talk about sending us home! The nurse this morning said they would make a decision at rounds and that going home today is a possibility. Both Bryan and I are very ready to go home, see Anna, and get back to our usual routine. Fingers crossed they discharge us today or tomorrow!
Abby is slowly picking up on her eating and her oxygen levels continue to look pretty good without any supplemental oxygen. She is still having some of the same issues with her rhythm as she did after the first surgery, so they are deciding what to do about that and watching her closely. It does look like she will go home on a couple different diuretics, which isn't unusual for kids after the Glenn procedure.
Mostly, Abby is back to her old self. Very happy, hanging out, and smiling at anyone and everyone who gives her a little attention. Anna is really starting to miss her, and Abby grabs at the pictures of Anna we have hanging up in her crib. We can't wait to have everyone home together again!


Drew's Mom said...

Wonderful news! I have been thinking of you and Abby and am just so glad that everything is going so well.

Mom to Toes said...


SO glad to hear this, Alison!