Thursday, June 21, 2007

Good Morning Sunshine!

Abby had a good night! She looks great this morning and they are removing her chest tube now. They also took out her pacing wires. They tried to feed her some Pedialyte overnight, but the nurse said she wasn't interested. They are sending up some formula for her to try this morning, so hopefully she'll try and eat something.
Her heart rhythm looks good and everything seems to be moving along according to plan. The only problem she's having right now is headache pain which they are managing with Tylenol and some morphine if needed.
Bryan and I got a good nights rest and are ready to get another day behind us. Abby still has one major line still in her wrist, so we can't hold her until that comes out, which should be today or tonight. So now we basically just watch and wait.
Anna is having a total blast with Ya-Ya and spent yesterday afternoon playing over at Jasper's house. A big shout out to Bobby and Debbie for having my mom and Anna over on surgery day. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends so nearby.
I'll report back once there is something new to report!

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