Monday, May 31, 2010

Roller Coaster

Being here is such a roller coaster. Abby was much improved by the drainage from the chest tube and was perkier over night. She started eating more and the vomiting seems to be over. However, her x-ray this morning showed fluid building up again, despite the chest tube. The good news is that the tube is already there so there's a way to get the fluid out. The bad news is that as long as the tube is draining, it can't come out and we can't make any forward movement towards going home.

The doctors aren't overly concerned about the effusions. They said that after the Fontan surgery the body has to adapt to the new circulation. Some kids adapt quickly while others take a few weeks. Unfortunately, it looks like Abby is in the later category and we're going to be here awhile.


Kerri said...

Hello, I'm Kerri Pennington, a HLHS heart mom, too. My daughter, Mary Clare, will have a heart cath on Wednesday, June 2 to determine the date of her Fontan. I've just finished reading your story and I so feel for you right now. It seems, for me, those uncertain moments were the toughest. Thank you for sharing your story, especially since our daughters are so close to the same experiences! I'm sending prayers your way! I look forward to keeping up with Abby and wish you all the best. (and a fast recovery)
Love, Kerri

Bethany said...

I'm so sorry that Abby's effusion doesn't seem to be going away! We know exactly how frustrating that is. Emma Kate had a pleural effusion after her Glenn. It was not easy, as we expected to be "in and out" after the surgery. Being in the hospital is never fun. I can't imagine how hard it is on a 3 year old! Stay strong! This WILL get better. We're praying for Abby!

Hope's Blog said...

Praying right along with you for the effusion to clear up, the drainage tubes to be pulled, and you all to go home and spend lots of the summer enjoying the beautiful weather!