Tuesday, October 14, 2008

OK,, you can stop asking me for an update now

I know. I've been a bad blogger. But we've been having way too much fun this summer to stop by for a proper update!

First: Abby had a checkup today with Dr. Castro. Everything is great! Dr Castro said that she "couldn't look better!" I asked about a time frame for the Fontan and she said she'd like to see Abby have surgery as close to her third birthday as possible. To avoid her having surgery at the height of cold/flu season we're looking at late next summer/early next fall. So for now, we'll just enjoy having three months until her next check up!

Second: Anna started at her new preschool in September and she is doing fantastic there!

Last: We finally, after two years, got a ruling on our house proposal from the township. It's been denied. Although we are disappointed, we are excited to start looking for a house!

Thanks to everyone whose been checking up on us! We really did have the best summer ever. I promise I'll be back soon with pics.

We feel so blessed that Abby is doing so well!


The Curtis Family said...

What great news! I am glad that Abby is doing well and that you have been having a lot of fun. Ethan too will be going in for his Fontan next Fall. Keep us updated!


Anonymous said...

Hello everyone!

Glad all is going well with Abby! Got to see Rex, Diane and Stephen at the Englishtown flea market a few weekends ago. Diane looks great!!!!!! She said now she can get down on the floor with her grandchildren....Yes! Give kisses to Anna and a big hug for Bryan.

Take care,

Gavin's Mama said...

I was getting worried! Thanks for the update... looks like Gavin, Ethan and Abby will have their Fontans all around the same time!!