Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Heart Strides

We made it through our first heart walk! Abby was the star of the show. We were by far the biggest team, and raised the most money. Everyone there seemed to know who Abby was. Aside from the fact that Anna boycotted all sleep in the hotel the night before, we had a wonderful time. The crowd was just the right size. Not too big to be overwhelming for the kids. We took a couple laps around Sesame Place, hung out with Cookie Monster, Zoe, and Elmo, and met some other heart families from our area.

Thank you so much for all those that made the drive to join us, and for all those who made a donation to this cause that means so much to our family.

In other news, Abby's new blood pressure medication is working very well. Her Tricuspid Valve is leaking less, and Dr. Castro is very happy with how her last echo looked. We've also made it past the 16 lbs. mark for her weight. Finally! Abby is currently obsessed with self-feeding. Cheerios are her favorite.


The Breeder said...

The picture of her looking over Bryan's shoulder is amazing!

Faith (Gavin's Mommy) said...

Congrats on your first heart walk Abby! That was such an amazing experience for us... hope to do a heart walk with you all in the future! Glad to hear the meds are working!

Jen said...

Wow! I am glad to hear Abby is doing well - congrats on the first place, looks like you all had a great time. You are blessed with such a supportive group of family and friends