Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Few Milestones

Abby continues to do well and has reached a few major milestones! For one, she now has her two bottom teeth. So far, teething makes her a bit cranky, but she's still pretty happy and mellow most of the time. Let's hope it stays that way!

We also started feeding Abby some solid food. We have to go slow because we can't compromise her formula intake (the bulk of her calories) by letting her fill up on baby food. So far she has tried: bananas, peas, and pears. Pears are by far her favorite.

We have the Early Intervention people coming tomorrow morning for an evaluation. We were told way back when I was pregnant to go ahead and get them involved early since many HLHS kids have some minor developmental delays. So far, Abby is not rolling over or sitting up, so we thought it was best to get her evaluated now. I am nervous to hear what they have to say tomorrow.

Overall, things here are returning back to normal. Anna seems to have settled back into her usual routine, and Abby has found a nice groove in her new routine.

Best news of all her last visit with Dr. Castro, they changed the dosage on her heart medication to eliminate her 3 am dose! Yipee!! No more alarm clock going off at 3 am every night. What a relief!

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erika said...

Sounds like she's doing great!

We used this Aqua Duck water mat for Sammy's tummy-time. There's a nice soft place to rest her chest on, and I swear it did wonders for his development. They're pretty inexpensive - under $10 (I got ours at Marshall's for about $6).

Good luck with EI!