Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Early Intervention Evaluation

The evaluators came to spend some time with Abby on Monday. It was not surprise that she qualified for some services. Abby has just turned 7 months old and she tested at:

Communication/Language: 5 months
Cognitive: 6-7 months
Gross Motor (rolling over, sitting up, etc): 4 months
Fine Motor: 6 months
Social Emotional 6-7 months
Adaptive/Self-Help (eating): 4 months

As a result, Abby will receive physical therapy to help her work on rolling over, sitting up, and building core strength. Maybe Aunt Aimee can help her with some baby pilates! She will also most likely get services from a developmental specialist to help her work on more general developmental stuff.

All in all, the testing went about how I expected. We are thrilled at how well she did in the fine motor area, since we were warned that this is an area HLHS kids normally lag in. Most likely it will take awhile to get the services set up, but we're confident that with a little help Abby will catch up in no time!

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Faith (Gavin's Mommy) said...

I know at first it can be discouraging, when they came to observe Gavin he did horrible! He still had a feeding tube in and wasn't interested in doing anything but sleep during their visit. But he has come ALONG way since then, Abby will too!

She is precious and we keep her in our prayers daily!