Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pre-Op Testing

We're here!
We left early this morning with a very hungry Abby for Philly. When we arrived at CHOP we found out the were changing over their entire computer system today so registering took forever. Abby wasn't allowed to eat because she was going to be sedated, but she didn't seem to bothered by the fact she hadn't eaten in so long.
Abby had a sedated echo, which took over an hour, but she did great. She got her blood drawn which didn't bother her a bit. She actually smiled and laughed at the women drawing her blood! Finally she got an EKG and a chest x-ray.
We had some major drama when the nurses started telling us there were no beds available for Abby to be admitted tonight for observation following the sedation. This got much worse when another nurse told us that the bed shortage was such an issue that Abby's surgery tomorrow would most likely be cancelled.
Needless to say, I freaked out. We have already had this surgery put off , plus everything is in place for us to be away for awhile. My mom is here to watch Anna, Bryan has arranged for time off work. I was freaking out about the thought of having to reschedule.
Thankfully, I called our local doctor and she made some calls to advocate for Abby. She got Abby moved to the #1 top priority spot for surgery tomorrow. Abby has now been admitted and we will find out her exact scheduled surgery time sometime after 8pm tonight.
Thanks for all the calls and messages. Your support, love and prayers lift us up and keep us thinking positively.
We are nervous for tomorrow, but she is in the best of hands and all the doctors keep telling us this is a fairly "easy" surgery. I sure hope so!
Keep us in your thoughts tomorrow! I'll update when there is news to give.

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