Thursday, June 14, 2007

Less Than a Week To Go

We are starting to prepare for going down to Philly. If all goes well, we should be there less than a week. We are planning on staying with our same wonderful friends who opened up their home to us when Abby was born. It is such a blessing to have such a great place to stay away from the hospital and the stress. We are so thankful.

Bryan has been working a lot, but work has been wonderful about giving him whatever time off he needs for the surgery. We just heard from another HLHS mom that the Glenn is a much easier recovery than the first surgery. She said her son was sitting up playing in his hospital bed just two days after surgery! I pray that's the case for Abby. I am looking forward to having this behind us and hopefully being OFF the oxygen very soon!

My mom is flying in on Sunday to help with Anna. I think Anna senses that something is up. I'm worried about how she will do this time with us away. I think she'll most definitely miss Abby more than her parents. They have really started interacting with one another in the past few weeks. It melts my heart to see them together!

Here are some recent pictures of the girls together:


erika said...

The Glenn recovery WAS much easier. Sammy had a bit of a bumpy road, non-heart-related, but even still - he was sitting up for the first time on his own just days after the surgery, and we celebrated by giving him his first taste of solids - banana! Seriously - five days after the surgery, you would never have known what he had just been through.

Thinking of you guys - it's going to be hard, no way around it, but I'm certain she is in great hands.

Anonymous said...

i am praying for abby and your family. hope we can get together while you are here. the pictures are so adorable!!! i love them.

Drew's Mom said...

Thinking of you all. My prayers are with you and Abby.

Jennifer said...

We all want to let you know we are praying for Abby