Friday, April 06, 2007

"She's really hitting her stride"

We had another good doctor visit today. We saw Abby's cardiologist, Dr. Castro, and she was very pleased. Dr. Castro said there was a noticeable difference in how bright Abby looked, and was very happy with her blood flow and her numbers. It really looks like Abby has taken a turn for the better. She even gained 6 oz. since Monday!

At the visit, Dr. Castro noticed that the dosage for Abby's beta blocker for her rhythm issues was under the therapeutic level. Even so, she didn't detect any abnormality on her echo, so it looks like she might not need that medication anymore. That would be a HUGE relief, since that's the one I have to set an alarm for to give Abby at 3 am.

She sent us home with a 24 hour Holter Monitor to see what her rhythm is doing. If it looks good, we can ditch the medicine! Yay! Those stickers were hard to get off. The nurses recommended using WD-40 or Pam cooking spray. The Pam worked great. We weren't too sure about spraying WD-40 all over Abby, ha ha. Here are some pics:

Things just continue to look better, and it looks like we can wait a bit longer for her second surgery. That is big relief.


Mom to Toes said...

Alison, I am so glad to hear things are going well!

She is such a tough little girl. I love seeing the new pictures.

She has such bright eyes and is so alert!


Sgtephanie said...

Thats great Alison! I hope and pray that things continue to go well and she can wait to have the surgery and you can stop getting up at 3am. The pics are adorable! Anna is so interested.

Adam and Faith said...

Even with the monitor and oxygen she is still cute as ever! Lots of prayers for peace during this time. Lots of hugs sent your way!