Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Back At CHOP

Abby had a routine check-up with her local cardiologist today. The doctor dodn't like how the blood flow in her shunt looked and her oxygen saturation levels were very low. So we went to our local ER where they confirmed the low levels and arranged for her to be transported by ambulance to CHOP. I followed in my car and now they are drawing blood and running tests to try and figure out what is going on. They think it could be a clot in the shunt, but they really won't know much until they do some tests.

Luckily, my sister is here visiting, so she was able to stay with Anna. Bryan is away at Flight Safety training for a new job, but thankfully is doing so just outside of Philly. He is on his way here now.

Please keep Abby in your thoughts and prayers. We will update when we can.

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