Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hanging in There!

Wow. 2 under 2 sure is hard! However, we are all doing our best and hanging in there. My mom is here for another week and has been an enormous help for Bryan and I. Anna continues to adjust, but definitely has some problems understanding why she can't drink Abby's bottle or lay on her when she is in the bouncy chair. "Gentle" just isn't in her vocabulary yet.

Abby continues to do well, and we have dropped some of her medications, which is a huge relief. Much of our day revolves around her many medication times. She is still on the heart monitor, but hopefully only for a few more days. Then we can finally have our phone and internet back! Abby has been struggling with tummy/allergy problems, so we went head and switched her over to hypo-allergenic formula yesterday. Hopefully that will make her feel better soon. Like the girl hasn't been through enough already!

Once we get the internet back, I'll post some more recent pictures!

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Stephanie said...

Happy to hear things are going well. I am interested in hearing what happen at the doctors today (friday). Sending out my prayers as usual.

Hugs Stephanie