Monday, January 08, 2007

Been home a few days now...

Well, the family has been together at home for a few days and things are going relatively well. Anna has taken a liking to her new sister and watches her intently as she eats, and goes to see her each time she hears her cry or fuss. Very cute. Alison has the medication and feeding schedule wired and as usual is very organized and on top of the game. Sleep has been a fond memory as we juggle the two girls day and night. Anna has been sleeping a bit better at night, but is still getting up a couple times to check to see mom and dad are still around. Luckily the weather has been very mild and Anna has been getting some good outside time.
We are still without internet at home as the heart monitor has commandeered the phone line, but hopefully in a couple weeks time we will be back to a fully automated highspeed household. Until then, I will attempt to update from the airport or whatever facility I'm in that has wireless.
Thank you all again for your thoughts, prayers and kindness. All the best- Bryan


Stephanie said...

I have been praying that everything is going well at home. Glad to hear that it is.

Hugs Stephanie

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Wish you all the best --- life with two has just begun!!!! What's sleep? Ha! Glad to hear Anna's taking a liking to her new little sis! God Bless your little family!


Anonymous said...

Hi Alison,

I just got a chance to check in with your blog. What an amazing first month for baby Abby! It sounds like she is doing wonderfully, and that you are surviving life with 2!

Our new arrival Maggie appeared December 8th, so she and Nora have about the same age gap as your two. Enjoy the madness!

Kerry aka Kerryd

Trisha (and Josh) said...

We're praying for you guys all the time... Abby is just precious and I'm sure Anna is a great big sister! Hugs to you all!