Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Stepping Down

This morning we walked into the CICU and Abby was gone! They moved her to a private room and said they are treating her like she is on the step-down unit. It sounded like there were no beds free on the actual step-down unit, so for now Abby will stay in her own room on the CICU. It's much nicer. Before, she shared a "pod" with three other babies. It was a big open room with four babies, lots of people, and no privacy. It was overwhelming for everyone. But now she is in her own quiet space, which is nice.
The doctors and nurses are thrilled with how well she is eating. They said it seems like maybe she won't need the feeding tube much longer, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up.
Her incision looks much better, and the only thing they are keeping their eye on is her heart rate. She continues to skip beats and add extra beats, which causes them some concern. However, the doctor said many times it clears up after some time on it's own. We have to remember she had open heart surgery less than a week ago!
We are holding her lots and visitors are welcome! Keep up all the good thoughts and prayers!


Anonymous said...


I am so happy to hear what a fighter Abby has been. I am thinking of you guys and sending my best wishes. Glad that you can hold her now.


Anonymous said...

Allison & Bryan,
You've been in my thoughts and prayers since I heard about Abby months ago. I'm so glad that she arrived ready to take on all of the challenges that God has given her. Some things I kept in mind when my nephew was in the hospital for his first 4 months is: God picked your baby because he sees that you have such a strong family bond that can get past anything. Babies are extremely resiliant! Also, as time went on, "everything is manageable" was my sister's motto. I am so happy for you for bringing this beautiful baby into this world who will teach you more than you could ever believe. Keep blogging and GO ABBY!
Emily Ingersoll (Friend of Aimee)

Stephanie said...

Wow great news! Its so nice to look on here everyday and hear good news. I will continue tp pray for her.

hugs Stephanie

Carolyn said...

Congratulations!!!!! I am so glad to hear everything is going OK!
I am thinking of you and baby Abby!!

Nancy said...

I have been thinking of you guys. Glad to see tha Abby is doing so well.