Sunday, December 31, 2006

Lots of Pictures

Abby is doing about the same. She is eating great! The rhythm problem is still happening frequently. Abby's doctors have arranged to have the electrophysiologists, who specialize in heart rhythm problems, come down to check her out for a consult on Tuesday. So we'll be here at least until then. I am very interested to hear what they say!

We finally uploaded some pictures! There are 3 folders on the Yahoo website

Before Surgery is all pictures from Abby's birth and when we got to hold her before surgery.

After Surgery is pictures from directly after Abby's surgery. These pictures are fairly graphic and might be upsetting for some of you. However, some people have asked about what she looked like after surgery, so skip it if you'd rather not know.

Recovering is full of pictures of Abby, Bryan and me snuggling, recovering and relaxing!


Stephanie said...

Great pics Alison! I was so happy to finally see lots of pics of her. What a doll!!

Hugs Stephanie

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Bryon, Alison, Abby and Anna!!!
I enjoyed looking at all of your pictures, Abby is precious!!! Let us know when you think you are coming home because we can't wait to meet and hold Abby. If you are there all this week, we will come down there and visit. We continue to pray for Abby as she recovers from surgery and hope everything goes well with the doctor on Tuesday. Talk to you soon.
Holly, B.Jay and Brian

Anonymous said...

Hey there!
we've been at my mom's with no computer, so these are my first updates since last Tuesday! I am so, so happy to hear that Abby is doing so well. what a sense a relief and a wonderful new year's gift! She is just beautiful and looking much stronger with each pic!
continuing to think of you all.

jim said...


glad abby's eating. not that it's much of a shock given the gene pool ;-)

we're in FL through the end of the week but hope to swoop in and check on you guys when we get back.

kel, jim, jay and jack