Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Heart Day - 3 Years since her last surgery

Just a quick note to mark 3 years since Abby's 3rd surgery, the fontan procedure. 

Hard to believe it has been 3 full years since Abby had her 3rd surgery.  I am happy to report that Abby is doing excellent and having fun as a 6 1/2 year old kindergartener.   I took her training wheels off her bike the other day and she is now having fun on 2 wheels!  Very cool to see her riding up and down the street with a big proud smile.

   We had the kids at a local fair the other night and as Abby was riding the spinning tea cups ride with her sister and friends from school, Alison says to me "I wish someone could have taken a video of this and sent it to us 6 1/2 years ago, saying everything is going to be ok with Abby..."   What a joy to see here riding rides and having fun.  We were still a bit worried about what Dr. Spray would have thought had he happened to pass by, but I'm pretty sure he would have stopped and smiled there with us!

Here's to Abby and all the people and things, seen and unseen, that have helped her and allowed her to make her way in this world with us.  A true miracle to behold everyday.

All the best from Abby's Grateful Dad-


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