Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Great Check Up For Abby Today

It has been nearly 6 months since Abby's 3rd surgery, the Fontan, and she is doing great. She had a checkup with her cardiologist today and "she couldn't look better" Her oxygen saturation levels are 93% which is fantastic for her. Back again in 4 months for another check up. Whew!!!
We have been having fun with our most recent addition to the fun, our 6 month old rescue puppy named Weston. He loves to chew, but is very good and playful with the girls and is house trained and enjoys his fenced-in yard.
Looking forward to a fun and healthy holiday season and we wish you and yours all the best.
Thanks for keeping up with Abby.

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Patrick said...

Congratulations on your two beautiful girls! I just read your blog, which Denise at CHOP passed to us, from the beginning. Thank you for sharing that with us. You and Abby have had a difficult but very inspiring journey.

We live in North Carolina, but expect to go to CHOP in February for our son, Lachlan, who will be born with HLHS. We also have a toddler who will not quite be two, so it was good to read how lovingly Anna responded to her little sister. Denise also gave us your email, so we may be in touch soon. My wife, Meg, is visting her parents in California with our toddler, but I'm sure she will read your blog soon.

- Patrick McElwee