Monday, June 07, 2010

Moving in the right direction

Abby has had a good couple of days. She has been up out of bed more and more, walking to the playroom down the hall, and even rode a tricycle today with the physical therapist. We are still here for a while longer, and the days continue to roll by with little or no info from the docs on when we can expect to go home. So be it, when she is ready, we will go home. She continues to charm all the nurses, techs, docs, and anyone else who swings by the room to check her out. Abby is always telling stories to anyone who listens; about her cat Herbert, her sister Anna, or the latest adventures of Max and Ruby which seems to be on a continuous loop on the DVD player.
We are sort of in a holding pattern for now and we'll continue to move in the right direction, one step closer to home each day. Thanks for keeping up with Abby and for all the support.


Jenny Lincoln said...

So happy to hear that your beautiful Abby is feeling better. We have had her in our thoughts and prayers. Hope you get to hear that magic word soon- DISCHARGE!
Heart Hugs,
Jenny (mom to Aly- HLHS)

Michelle said...

I love the pictures, please keep them coming! I know it is frustrating to not know when you will be able to go home BUT small steps in the right direction are always good. :)

Of course she is charming everyone. The little time I spent with her at Disney, she charmed me. :)

Hang in there!

XO, Michelle

Vanessa said...

Love to you all. I agree with Michelle, it is no wonder she is charming everyone, that smile on her face melts me.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that Abby is feeling better - hope to see you guys soon!
-Malles family :)