Thursday, June 17, 2010

Follow up is good!

Just a quick note to say that Abby's follow up visit yesterday at CHOP was a good one. Althought it did take all day due to a scheduling error on CHOP's end, her xray showed no fluid buildup & echo and labs were normal. She is looking great according to the doc. We follow up next week with her normal cardiologist, Dr. Castro. Thanks again for all the support, prayers, thoughts, emails, texts, status comments, Reiki, personal visits, and all the unseen and unknown help during this time. We ask that you continue to think good thoughts when you think about Abby and we will keep you posted on any updates as they happen.
We are grateful.
-Abby's lucky dad

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Debby said...

It's nice to hear how your daughter has progressed. My daughter lost her son on June 4, 2010 due to HLHS. She was in her 29 week of gestation when they found that he had the condition but he also had hydrops (accumalation of fluid). Dr. Spray, Dr Johnson, Dr Ryckik and others preformed a fetal intervention to try to enlarge the hole in the wall between the two side but it failed and we lost Wyatt 30 minutes after the surgery. My daughter delivered him two days later on June 6th, which was her 30th birthday. We also had Denise as our condiator and she was great. I pray that your beautiful little girl continues to thrive. Please enjoy every minute you have with her.