Monday, March 10, 2008

Stacking Up

When Abby was born we enrolled her in a couple of studies. One study included a full developmental evaluation at 15 months old.

We were approached about this study just hours after she was born. At the time, 15 months old seemed so far away, and I can remember thinking that we just needed to get through her first surgery and be able to bring her home.

Now Abby is almost 15 months old. We're head to CHOP tomorrow for her evaluation. I'm excited to see what they think of her development, but I hate the idea of going back there for any reason.

She is also getting a sedated echocardiogram while we're there to thoroughly evaluate her heart function.

I am really scared they are going to find something wrong and we won't be able to leave.

Bryan is staying home with Anna, so it will just be me and Abby. Keep us in your thoughts tomorrow that everything looks good and that they are as impressed with her as I am.

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