Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gallbladders & Birthday Parties

What a crazy week!

While getting ready for Abby's first birthday party last Saturday Bryan got really sick. Really, really sick. He was in no condition for a party, so he stayed home while the girls and I headed to Gymboree for the big shindig.

When we got home from the party, he was still very, very sick, so his brother took him to the ER. Turns out he needed to have surgery to remove his gallbaldder as soon as possible. He had laparoscopic surgery on Tuesday, and was home by Wednesday, for a total of 4 nights at Riverview Medical Center. He is glad to be home, and getting better everyday. Anna keeps asking for a "quick look" to check out his battle wounds. Thank you all so much for the phone calls, messages, prayers, and offers of help.

On a lighter note, Abby's party was a blast. Everyone had a great time, my nephew Matty pulled the fire alarm, Abby was pretty unsure of her cupcake, and I cried when we sang Happy Birthday. They were tears of joy for how blessed we have been to make it through Abby's first year, and I anticipate a few tears at every birthday celebration to come. I pray there are many, many of those in our future.

Many, many pictures for your enjoyment:


Faith (Gavin's Mommy) said...

I cant believe she is almost one, it seems like yesterday when I started reading about precious Abby.

Miss Abby,

What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Your blog has made me thankful, thankful for your life, for your story. Thankful that I have another "heart" mommy to talk to, cry to, and share my frustrations with. You are a true miracle from God. You are always in our prayers and even though we have never met, you are so very much apart of our life. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl and here is to many more!!

Love, Faith (Gavin and his Daddy too!)

The Breeder said...

One year.....

Amazing. :)