Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Stage II-The Glenn

She's back!
They took her down to the OR around 8am and the surgery was uneventful. We just met with Dr. Spray (her surgeon) and he said that everything went well.
They already removed her breathing tube and now they are cleaning her up. We should be able to go in and see her within the hour. She's in a pod on the CICU, but hopefully she'll move to a room or to the step-down unit fairly quickly.
We expect her to be groggy for most of the day. The biggest problem kids have after this surgery is a nasty headache from the body getting used to the new pressures and blood flow from the surgery. Most of her pain medication will likely be for that, not her chest. But knowing Abby, she won't be too bothered. At least I hope not.
Anna is doing well with my mom. Anna keeps going over to Abby's crib and sying, "no, no, no" but my mom said she doesn't seem to be to distraught that we're all gone. Probably because she is having too much fun with Ya-Ya!
Keep all the good thoughts and prayers coming! They are working!


Mom to Toes said...

I am SO happy, Alison! That little girl of yours is something else.

Actually, both of them are.

What an amazing family you have.



Anonymous said...

Dear Bryan and Alison,
I am so happy that the surgery is over and everything went as planned. Thank you for the update, I have been thinking about all of you non stop. I will continue to pray for little Abby. Try to rest while she is resting, you two need to take care of yourselves too. I love all of you.