Monday, March 26, 2007

The Latest

We had a visit with Dr. Castro this week. The oxygen is helping Abby's oxygen levels stay elevated, but they are not as high as they hoped. So now it looks like 4-6 weeks until the Glenn. Every week we can wait gives Abby's lungs a chance to develop further, which increases the chance for her surgery to be successful. It has to do with the amount of pressure in her lungs decreasing as they develop. This will allow the blood to disperse throughout her lungs. If the surgery is performed before that pressure adequately decreases, there is risk for water build-up, both around the lungs and in her brain.

We are thinking of it like pre-term labor. Having a baby early isn't good because there are complications, but it is manageable. Every week the baby can wait, the better. The same goes for Abby. Every week we can wait makes a huge difference. Please pray that the oxygen lets her make it at least another month until she needs the next surgery.

On a positive note, we are managing the oxygen well at home. Anna is doing fantastic and being such a good girl about the 50 feet of plastic tubing running through the house, as well as leaving the portable tanks alone. We are managing to get out of the house with the portable tanks as the weather has gotten nicer. I got a double stroller which makes it much easier to haul this whole show on the road.

Here are some recent pics of Abby's bath time. Although Anna still gets a bath every night in the big tub, she insists on keeping her sister company and giving mommy a hand!


Anonymous said...

I am thinking positive things for Abby and all of you!!!

Love, Fefe

Drea said...

You have a cute little girl!!
We are also a family going through the surgeries and currently waiting for the glen. We were scheduled for feb 28-- but it was cancelled due to the hospital having RSV.. we are still waiting. Hunter is almost 7 months now. you can visit our page at
Hunter's mom

Stephanie said...

As Always I pray she makes it as long as possible before needing the next surgery. Glad Anna is doing well with it all. Those are just adorable pics of the two the them in the baby tub tub together. Your are a wonderful monther! I think about you all often. Enjoy the beautiful weather.

Love Stephanie

Abbe Washington said...

Still stopping by for updates on Abby, she is beautiful. Love the pictures! I just wanted to say she's in my thoughts. I'm hoping she can wait the time she needs before the next surgery. Take care and stay strong.

Christine said...

Lots of prayers that Abby goes as long as possible until that next surgery is needed. Both your girls are beautiful!