Thursday, February 22, 2007

We're Home

Abby is doing great. The stint is doing the job and Abby is eating well. We are happy to be home, and hoping this is our last trip to CHOP before her next surgery. Thank you to everyone for all the thoughts and prayers!


daddy said...

Daddy loves his girls and misses them lots. Be home soon!

Adam and Faith said...

We are glad that Abby is doing better, it is so scary having to make trips to the hospital. We had to several times before Gavins second surgery. We are still praying for Abby, she is absolutely beautiful!

MomtoToes said...

Daddy's comment made me cry. :D


erika said...

Glad she's home! She is beautiful. We had a few rough patches before the Glenn, too. They're so much stronger afterwards!

Found you through a search for "HLHS blog" - and then saw Faith's comment. We keep up with Gavin, too! Our son just turned one - he's HLHS/DORV.

Anyway - just saying hi. :-)