Sunday, September 24, 2006

Our First Visit to CHOP: September 6, 2006

After an agnoizing few days, we made the drive to Philly to meet the people at CHOP. That place is huge! Not to mention overwhelming. We went to the Heart Station and our first step was to get a fetal echo. It was a long one! The cardiologists watched the echo in the next room. The woman who did the echo was very sweet and said that her only job was to do fetal echocardiograms, so I felt like she really knew what she was doing.

After what seemed like forever, one of the cariologists came in and discussed with the tech what they were seeing. It was at this point she told us that Abby definitly had a heart defect.

Next, we met with two cardiologists and our Program Directer, Denise Donaghue. The were amazing. They sat with us for over two hours and answered every single question we could come up with. They never once made us feel rushed and they treated every question like it was important.

By the time we left, I was feeling much better about Abby's diagnosis and the treatment she would be receiving at CHOP.

Our next step is to get an amniocentesis as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alison
Thanks for making this site. As an ER doctor even I struggle to understand the 3 ops, but its great to have it set out. Having seen your journey so far I know you are a very strong woman and family. Abby has a lot going for her. I wish you all the best, seems you have a great centre working with you,

Cathy (kitkat7)

CDprof said...

You are amazing, Ali! I just know everything is going to go well. Abby is lucky to have you as a mom :)